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Streamlining services on home gateways. 

Let us show you how we can deploy services on home gateways in your network without changing any code. Instant and hassle-free. Any media type, any processor and any distribution.

The Service Orchestrator

The Inango Service Orchestrator automates the entire process of service deployment, provisioning, and execution on home gateways. Once set up, Service Providers can deploy services on all gateways—old and new—instantly, without hassles and without requiring new firmware images from their OEM’s.

No changes to existing firmware
Integrating Inango means adding one exec file to the flash file system and running it during system init. Nothing more. No existing code is changed, no existing functionality is modified.
Any Linux distribution or processor type
We support OpenWrt, RDK-B, prplOS or your own Linux distros. We have run Inango on gateways based on Broadcom, MaxLinear, MediaTek and other processors, ONT’s, cable modems or Wi-Fi routers.
Integration with any provisioning scheme
Inango adds elements to the gateway data model for TR-069, TR-369 or SNMP. Services may be managed by your current provisioning scheme with no change to the service or your ACS.


Give us root access to any gateway in your lab and we will show you how we can deploy new software services there within days.

No need for you to change anything. We will work with any processor and any Linux-based distribution (OpenWrt, prplOS, RDK-B or your own). No source code needs to be disclosed.


You develop software services for gateways? Let us show you how we can remove your integration headaches. All we need is a binary version of your service and you'll run wherever we do.

No need for you to change anything. Any distribution is fine. We don’t require support for containers or USP. And we integrate it with all common provisioning schemes.

A Huge Range of Services

Inango may be used to deploy practically any type of service on the gateway. We offer some of our own but are primarily motivated by the prospect of enabling Operators to deploy standard services from 3rd party companies that they choose to work with.

Software Services on Gateways

Internet Service Providers have enormous footprints and a physical infra-structure that spans entire countries. By integrating software services on the gateways they put in our homes, they have an opportunityand a needto generate additional revenue (ARPU), reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Traditionally, this market has been hampered by expensive and protracted integration projects. On large networks, with gateways from many different OEM’s, the overhead in getting new code integrated into the gateway images is so high that it is often not even attempted.

The Inango Service Orchestrator automates and streamlines the entire process of service integration on gateways. For a minimal and one-time set-up effort we give Operators the ability to deploy services on any gateway (old or new) instantly and without touching any gateway firmware.

For legacy gateways, we offer the ability to deploy services with USP-like functionality on kernels that may or may not support containers, or systems that do not implement TR-369. Yet we are not a USP replacement. We are fully compliant with TR-369 and offer many advantages of control, consistency and scale for USP gateways.

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