Virtual Services

The Inango Virtual Services solution is an innovative stealth software project Inango has been developing with a relentless focus on customer business outcomes.


PMA and PMA-A functions for a solution that is independent of the media and DPU supplier, including many extended features such as inter-working with SNMP and NetConf.

Yocto IDE (YDE)

Hiding many of the complex Yocto internals, YDE simplifies the process of developing, testing and modifying source code in a Yocto environment, saving valuable time and expenses for its users.

ZIKIT Test Engine

An automated test engine and framework. Write your own tests or use suites Inango provides for specific purposes.


  • Introducing Virtual Services – Smart Deployment of End-User Services

  • Today, Inango is proudly announcing the commercial availability of its Virtual Services solution, allowing Service Providers to take ownership of the end-user services opportunity and remove the barriers to its rapid deployment. Service Providers at last have a practical, robust way to unshackle their router and offer their customers a virtual supermarket of services.

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Recent news

Feb 19, 2019

Inango Announces Virtual Services

Inango announces Virtual Services product: a service delivery platform enabling Service Providers to offer an unlimited range of end-user services in a way that is fast, cost-effective and extensible.

Feb 5, 2019

C Custom Warnings

A new practical article from our tech guru on how to locate potential issues in a huge amount of any C code.

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