DPU Systems

Complete, managed and highly optimized software packages for DPU’s. or access; a wide choice of processors; NetConf, SNMP and others all in a single code base.

MMX Middleware

MMX is a middleware software package that is used to co-ordinate between all parts of the management system.


Hiding many of the complex Yocto internals, YDE simplifies the process of developing, testing and modifying source code in a Yocto environment, saving valuable time and expenses for its users.


An automated test engine. Write your own tests or use suites Inango provides for specific purposes.


  • Marvell™ Prestera™
  • MicroSemi™ Wintegra™ WP3 and WP4
  • Xilinx™ ARM-based FPGA
  • Ethernity™ Xilinx™, ARM-based FPGA
  • Virtual machines:
  • VMware™, docker,, kmv, UML
  • Standard OpenWRT packaging

Recent news

Dec 12, 2017

Inango Announces Inango Toolbox

Inango Systems announces the release of Inango Toolbox, a suite of integrated software development tools enabling companies to speed up their software development process to drive faster time to market

Nov 20, 2017

Inango releases new Yocto cross-reference layer

Inango releases a free Yocto layer that generates ctags and cscope cross-reference files for common editors.
The layer is added to your Yocto build system and automatically generates cross-reference files for each package and the entire distro.

Inango Systems

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