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Inango Systems

Inango Systems is an Israeli software company specializing in the developing of advanced solutions for communications systems. There are around 90 people at Inango and though we are self-funded, we have been able to grow the company and remain profitable since our inception.

We have teams of experts in a broad range of technologies, spanning hardware integration and optimizations, networking stacks, management, and server-based virtualization systems.
We are also deeply involved in several open-source groups, including prplOS, where we are part of the prplMesh development team, RDK-B, Yocto and ONF.

Our flagship product is our Service Orchestrator, which is the result of over 6 years of intensive development. This represents a major breakthrough for us, offering Service Providers enormous benefits by enhancing their networking products for homeowners.

Company Management

Company is guided by a management team with decades of experience in communication technologies software arena

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