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Service Offerings for your Customers

We are continually working on expanding the list of available services. We have lots of ideas and are especially keen to hear yours. If you need something and don’t yet see it here, please let us know. Contact us for cooperation

vDish (Differentiated Services Handling) identifies key applications and directs them to Low-Latency and other types of DOCSIS Service Flows. It is essential in guaranteeing that performance-sensitive applications like Gaming, Collaboration tools and others are given the Quality of Service their users demand. It combines the ability to classify apps on the LAN-side of the NAT function, map to capabilities supported by the underlying hardware forwarding engine and fully integrate with the acceleration engines for maximum performance.





Intent Based QoS




When Virtual Feel Physical

vGateway service runs any standard gateway distribution in a virtualised environment. The stack may then be deployed either on the gateway or on an external server – you choose. Use the same gateway software on all platforms – old or new. It results in enormous savings in costs and effort in software maintenance as all cross-dependencies between the stack and the kernel (and SDK) are completely removed. Full hardware acceleration is maintained for maximum performance and any standard distribution may be used as-is: RDK-B, prplOS, OpenWrt or one of your own.



vWire connects multiple sites at different locations in to a single LAN (one L2 broadcast domain). It works on standard gateways (no need to buy MPLS equipment) and spans any Provider network (no need to purchase MPLS pseudoWires). An ideal and super cost-effective way to share resource (hardware or software) among multiple locations.





Multisite LAN





Whether you are at your home, a holiday home or in a hotel, vGogo lets you enjoy the same gateway services, configuration and even devices on your home network as if you never left. Parental control services may protect young ones while browsing, watch movies stored on a STB back home – all work in exactly the same way wherever you are.


vWan allows Providers to offer customers multiple WAN links to premium customers in order to guarantee constant Internet connectivity.

Links are divided into primary and secondary links – whenever the primary is active it is used, if it ever inoperational a secondary link is used until the primary link is back again.





WAN Backup

vWifi gathers huge amounts of Wi-Fi information and makes it available to analysis engines from a number of providers through various schemes. Far more efficient and flexible than TR-069 or similar mechanisms – our data model can grow and grow without changing the gateway firmware.




Data mining with interfaces

for external AI analysis




Gateway Diagnostics

vDiag extracts rich statistics and diagnostic information about the gateway’s performance, empowering Providers with more information about what the gateway is doing and how subscribers are using the Internet. Per-application packet counts, memory status, CPU temperature and load and many more.

Our Security service supports protecting all connected devices in the home, preventing access to unwanted sites, catching malware, phishing and more.
We currently offer SENSE: the award-winning package from F-Secure and will soon be adding others






Parental Control &

IoT Protection

We have integrated the powerful Smart Home software platform from Bosch to support a range of IoT and Smart Home applications. Requiring only a standard USB-connected Z.Wave controller, on the router, the entire package runs over our Launcher (drivers and all).


Bosch IoT


Smart home framework

and applications from Bosch

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