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Service Offerings for your Customers

We are continually working on expanding the list of available services. We have lots of ideas and are especially keen to hear yours. If you need something and don’t yet see it here, please let us know. Contact us for cooperation




Parental Control &

IoT Protection

Our Security service supports protecting all connected devices in the home, preventing access to unwanted sites, catching malware, phishing and more.
We currently offer SENSE: the award-winning package from F-Secure and will soon be adding others




Wi-Fi Diagnosis and Analysis is a hot area for Service Providers. Our own wifi-Z service can gather a huge amount of Wi-Fi information and make it available to analysis engines from a number of providers through various schemes.
Alternatively, you can deploy complete Wi-Fi Gathering and Diagnosis products for a more complete, closed solution.


WiFi Diagnostics


Data mining with interfaces

for external AI analysis




Play Multimedia from

any cloud account





The simplest way of watching any multi-media content from private cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive or others. Available via standard DLNA, media may be watched or listed to from any networked TV or player with a DLNA client. No need to install any cloud clients on devices any more.

Need to write your own application and deploy for a specific need? We can show you how to do it, deploy over the Launcher and run as if you are physically in the router. All, of course, without touching the router itself (even if it’s firmware is fully hardened).




Standard Linux environment
for your ad-hoc apps




Multisite network connectivity


If you wish to offer your customers carrier-grade connectivity services like pseudo-wire to connect remote sites, you can now do so over standard, low-cost routers. With the ability to support multiple sites with minimal overhead, including sites outside your network’s reach and fully encrypted communications, pseudoLAN offers a rich, low-cost alternative to high cost equiment.

A pay-as-you-go alternative to buying dedicated computers and expensive video cards for gaming platforms. We run the popular Steam platform over our Launcher and your subscribers only need install Steam clients to immediately start playing. No cash outlay and no IT hassles.





Virtual Gaming Server

with popular platforms


Virtual Office


All office services in a bunch


A complete office-to-go for a monthly fee. Storage, compute and network all offered from your data center, yet with full connectivity to your customer’s own network. Local printers, faxes, NAS devices and more all work seamlessly with Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Storage and network. Additionally, there are up-sale options for backup , advanced network and support services.

We have integrated the powerful Smart Home software platform from Bosch to support a range of IoT and Smart Home applications. Requiring only a standard USB-connected Z.Wave controller, on the router, the entire package runs over our Launcher (drivers and all).


Smart Home


Smart home framework

and applications from Bosch




When Virtual feels Physical

vGateway service runs a residential gateway software stack in a virtualized environment on a server at the data center, enabling Providers to strip complexity from the gateway. This does not come at the expense of performance – full hardware acceleration is maintained for line rate speeds. Ideal for converting modems in to rich gateways, upgrading new stacks on aging equipment or white-boxing gateways to reduce hardware costs.


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