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Axiros and Inango Announce TR-069 Driven System for Container Management

13 March, 2023

By utilizing Axiros’ ACS and Inango’s Service Orchestration, Service Providers can now download containerized software services to gateways without any changes to gateway firmware.

March 13, 2023 – MUNICH, GERMANY and KFAR-SABA, ISRAEL – Axiros GmbH and Inango Systems Ltd have jointly announced the successful testing of a TR-069 based system for downloading, provisioning, and executing software services on a standard gateway. Using Inango Service Orchestration, the entire operation requires no changes to the gateway firmware, making service deployment immediate and extremely cost-effective.

The ability to download containers to gateways is in itself not new. The ability to do so using standard TR-069 and with zero firmware changes means that Service Providers are now free to offer more services, quicker and cheaper than they are able to do today. As a result, more services may be deployed and leveraged by the Service Providers to create additional ARPU opportunities and reduce expenses at the same time.

“We are delighted to be cooperating with Axiros in this exciting new market,” said Jonathan Masel, CEO of Inango Systems. “Containerized services are a hot topic in our industry and the ability to manage them in such an efficient way using existing schemes is something many of our customers have been looking for. While looking at future standards like TR-369, we can’t forget that there are already many millions of gateways in the field that work with today’s standards like TR-069. Together with Axiros, Inango Service Orchestration demonstrates that we can address both todays and tomorrows markets.”

“We see a strong push from Internet Service Providers to provide a wider catalogue of products to their customer through value-added services on top of the existing connectivity pipe” said Christian Epp, Global Sales Director at Axiros. “Even being a strong supporter and contributor to the new USP-standard, we still see a huge amount of TR069-only enabled devices deployed.  Providing almost “a second life” to such devices while preserving the overall operational efficiency through existing OSS systems such as the ACS (Auto Configuration Server) is a terrific opportunity for our customers. We are happy to cooperate with such a forward-looking company like Inango.”

Inango Service Orchestration is available for a range of gateways today for both GPON and cable networks, supporting software services from both Inango and a range of leading 3rd party companies. Axiros AXESS ACS is an industry flagship software application used around the world by premier telecommunications and broadband service providers. It allows state of the art management of customer premise equipment (CPE) with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069), User Service Platform (USP) (TR-369) and other open management protocols.

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