Ongoing projects in Inango lab

We are happy to share with you some of the exciting new things we are working on in our lab. These are not yet available products, but will be soon. Please stay in touch, let us know what you think or contact us for more details. Contact us for cooperation

Services Orchestration

New options for service deployment

We are expanding the way in which the Inango platform can deploy 3rd party services to include possibilities of adding to the routers themselves. The services are installed in a Virtual Machine (qemu) and downloaded to the router. The Inango platform then configures the service, connects it to the main processor and runs it. We see this as useful for services that either require extra-low latency or need to work even when the Internet is down. It is taking Service Orchestration to a new level.
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Programmable Flows

Adding more intelligence to OpenFlow

Our Inango platform heavily leverages OpenFlow as a way of knowing which traffic to send where. We can do most things with it (more than most people expect) but not everything. We are experimenting with ways of combing P4 with OpenFlow to give us the possibility of maintaining a rule-based forwarding system that includes code modules with the rules. It is stateful and supports actions that OpenFlow can't (such as timers, packet generation and lots more). We have functional demos in our lab and are busy working towards our first product.
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Customization APIs

A step to creating a supermarket of services

Our longer term vision is to create a set of public API's that will allow anyone to write services for our home/SMB routers. Deployment will always be strictly controller, of course, but our dream is to create a real supermarket of available services that anyone can add to.
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