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Leading the revolution of Service Providers networks with software services

Inango in brief

We have been passionate about developing software for communications systems for over a decade now and have been following with excitement the growing trend that most Service Providers are now firmly embracing: of deploying software services in growing numbers on their networks. Whether for their own use in supporting customers, or as a way of offering customers additional features via their gateways, software services are set to revolutionize our Internet experience.

What is lacking, though, is a robust and extensible infra-structure via which services may be delivered on these networks. Monolithic code images are growing too large and standards bodies have only just begun to define more flexible ways of managing software stacks that are more functional and more dynamic than ever before.
Inango is the world’s first company to offer a complete, sustainable and highly cost-effective system via which Providers can manage a rich complex of services. Based on standards but extended where necessary, our Service Orchestration Platform offers Providers with a unique way of not only future-proofing their products, but improving their bottom lines in the process.


Jonathan Masel

Jonathan is a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Inango is the third company he was involved in founding, following Inverness Systems and Arabella Software Deeply experienced in building and leading software teams in the communications industry, Jonathan is an energetic, hands-on leader. Australian born, he lives in Israel.

Boris Shehter

Boris is a highly experienced industry expert on a broad range of networking technologies, from embedded systems to servers. With a background of work in both start-ups and worldwide corporations, he is a dynamic, creative and hard working leader. Boris is actively involved in several open-source projects including ONOS, OpenDaylight, Yocto and RDK.

Daniel Etman
, Sales/BusDev Lead

Daniel is a long time Cable industry executive living in Belgium with his wife and four kids. At Inango, Daniel is leading the Business development and Sales efforts. He has previously worked in different roles at some of the major vendors in the industry such as Casa Systems and Cisco.

Ariel Gilman

Ariel is a motivating leader with a bright vision and a crisp management approach. During more than two decades in Тelco industry he has gained his rich technical background and management skills. Ariel coordinates the actions of every department in the company and makes Inango function in an efficient and productive manner.



Our company is primarily a friendly and professional team, which encourages lifelong learning. We can guarantee that you will work on complex and interesting projects, develop your experience and skills. If you share a passion for engineering and technology then we think it’s time to join us. Please send your CV to carreers@inango.com.

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