Inango has formed strategic partnerships with leading semiconductor companies, large and small. We offer a range of services that covers Linux device driver development, building and supporting SDK’s and complete Linux/OpenWRT distributions to support your OEM customers. Our business model is typically NRE, but we’re open to other options as well.

For our semiconductor partners, it’s more than just adding extra software engineering bandwidth to your team – Inango can also supply product support or development services to your OEM customers in order to reduce their time to market. It’s a win-win for all involved!


We offer a large range of software and technologies that we have been working with for many years. We offer OEMs pre-packaged products that provide complete solutions for their products and we also offer many not-so-common extensions that provide that extra bit of differentiation.

The cornerstones of our software solutions are processor independence and system performance. Together these give our OEM partners a winning combination of a single code base that supports many platforms along with uncompromised throughput. We can also work with our OEM partners on an NRE basis to develop customized solutions that can further differentiate your products.

Service Providers

Inango offers server-side packages that often require customization and proprietary extensions for specific networks. For example, integration with existing CRM systems, development of proprietary management elements or even writing new OpenDaylight plugins. We’ve worked with all sorts of providers from very large to very small.