Yocto Project Participant Designation

May 22, 2019

We are happy to announce that Inango was officially designated as a Yocto Project Participant. This is a result of our hard ongoing work and expertise knowledge in Yocto Project, with many bugs fixed and Inango private layers introduced. Kudos to the team!

Find us on Yocto Project Participants page.



Fixes to ONOS

Apr 11, 2019

As active ONOS code users, Inango engineers presented a proposal to ONOS team that addresses packet loss issues under heavy loads in all current ONOS implementations. The proposal was met with real interest and we are in the process of submitting the code for ONOS acceptance testing.

The presentation video is available on the ONOS YouTube channel.

Download the presentation PDF


Inango Announces Virtual Services

Feb 19, 2019

Inango is proudly announcing their Virtual Services product: a service delivery platform enabling Service Providers to offer an unlimited range of end-user services in a way that is fast, cost-effective and extensible.

Virtual Services offers a consistent, fast and scalable way for Service Providers to deploy their services offerings, taking full advantage of the routers yet avoiding their limitations. Offerings can grow continually and they can support a network of different routers transparently.

See PDF press release for more details


C Custom Warnings

Feb 5, 2019

A new practical article from one of our technical leaders on how to locate potential issues in a huge amount of any
C code by emitting relevant custom warning messages.


Explaining Yocto Mirrors Mechanism

Jan 10, 2019

Inango Announces Inango Toolbox

Jun 12, 2018