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Gateway-on-the-go, or vGogo is all about having a single gateway that you use anywhere you are located – whether you are abroad or in a house down the road. Any devices plugged in to your home network are available too. There is even a fully mobile version on a USB disk that converts any hotel modem to part of the same family network.

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Inango Service Orchestration and USP

USP is a mechanism. Inango Service Orchestration is a solution, that may use USP or other mechanisms. There is no contradiction or even tension between the two. We equally believe that the standards need to be part of a complete system to be used in commercial products.

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vDish – Differentiated Service Handling

One of the recent additions is a service we call vDish – Differentiated Service Handling. vDish lets us give Operators a way of attaching different Quality of Service parameters to specific applications. In its first instantiation, we are using vDish to map particular games and other latency-sensitive apps to LLD Service Flows.

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Shifting Gateway paradigms with Virtualization

More recently, many Operators have been looking at the same OpenFlow as a way of adding features to the gateways that we have in our homes for Internet access. This is done by integrating a software module called OpenVSwitch (OVS) into the gateway software.

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Inango Plug paves the OVS way for MXL

Inango recently announced the signing of an agreement of strategic collaboration with MaxLinear. MXL Processors will be equipped with Inango Plug that uniquely provides support for transparent use of existing bridges and OVS simultaneously and integration with underlying hardware acceleration.

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