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By Jonathan Masel, CEO

11 July, 2022

Many Service Providers like to see our home gateways as the hub of our digital lives. And in many cases it is. We use these gateways not only to connect to the Internet, but for all sorts of services: Parental Control keeps children safe from malicious sites, IoT Protection protects our devices from all sorts of malware, other applications turn on our lights and hot water systems, monitor aged or sick parents and so on (the list grows longer continually).

Our home networks, too, have grown immensely in complexity in the past years. We have devices for storing recorded movies, gaming servers, sometimes NAS storage and IoT devices.

Inango’s Gateway-on-the-Go is a way of keeping all of this with you wherever you are. All services, configurations, preferences as well as actual devices go with you (in a virtual sense) no matter where you go — home, holiday home or hotel room.

We call it vGogo and it is a pure software service available on our Service Orchestration Platform.

vGogo is all about having a single gateway that you use anywhere you are located. Whether you are abroad or in a house down the road. Anything plugged in to your home network like a Set-Top Box with storage for recorded shows, or powerful computers acting as gaming servers are available too, so you can continue to enjoy them even if they don’t travel with you. There is even a fully mobile version on a USB disk that converts any hotel modem to part of the same family network.

If you’d like more information about vGogo or see a demo, please contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a presentation or live demo.

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